Pheasants Forever / Quail Forever - "The Habitat Organization"

Youth Program - Developing the Next Generation of Hunters

We are committed to mentoring and developing the next generation of hunters and land stewards.  Introducing and involving our youth in hunting helps ensure that our values and traditions carry on into the next generation.  We believe that the exposure to hunting teaches responsiblity, provides a healthy pastime alternative for technology and social media, and fosters a true appreciation of the outdoors and conservation. 

We host Youth Hunts each year in order to develop our youth.  The Youth Hunts not only allow the child to engage in hunting, but they also provide valuable teaching opportunities regarding safety, gun education, dog handling, and conservation.  Each youth is paired with an experienced mentor who provides one-on-one guidance for the event. 

Please contact Tim Smith (317-450-7532) for information about our youth activities.